New Port House IV

Here’s the last episode in my New Port House series. This spacious two-bedroom house from Roost kept me busy for a while with its very large main room which functions as an open plan kitchen-diner and living room. Having shown the living room side before, it’s now time to take a closer look at the kitchen-diner.

I really didn’t want to tie myself down with a particular style for this home. The outside can best be described as a New England house, but for the interior I went with something that’s cozy, stylish and suitably masculine for the bachelor who’s living here.

New Port House XII blog
The Loft & Aria: Alderan table, chairs, pendant lights and white candle sticks; Harmon credenza; stone bowl. Fancy Decor: grandfather clock and serpentine candle sticks.
Lisp Bazaar: faded summer rug. Dust Bunny: Woodland dreams head planter.

New Port House XIII blog
Consignment: Catia kitchen (includes microwave oven and bread box).
Apple Fall: gourds in vintage bowl, Charlotte’s Pears, Natural Apples, enamel teapot.
Lisp Bazaar: newspaper and cup of coffee. 22769 Bauwerk: Coffee maker (gacha).
The Outlet: stool (tinted). The Loft & Aria: Holden radiator and decorated shelf.
Dutchie: pot with utensils.

Between the doorway to the sun room and the French doors leading to the deck there is a short stretch of wall perfect for a standing piano.

New Port House XIV blog
Lisp Bazaar: Into the Light piano and stool. 220ml: flask, cups and funnel (prize in Men Only Hunt 2018). What Next: Pothos plant.

The hallway and corridor in this house have plenty of open space with decorating opportunities.

New Port House XV blog
Fancy Decor: storage bench, vintage handled vases, baroque winter landscape.
Chez Moi: coat/hat stand. Theory: Tansu chest.

New Port House XVI blog
Fancy Decor: cuckoo clock (gacha), wale tale books (gacha), table.
The Loft & Aria: table lamp, group of vases (gacha). Dust Bunny: plant.

I decided that the small space next to the downstairs bedroom was best suited as a dressing room.

New Port House XVII blog
New Port House XVIII blog

~Bazar~: Glam wardrobe (with retextured clothing). N4RS: chaise. Thistle: table lamp.
Digs: Bryson tall boy. 22769 Bauwerk: Little Glowing Boyfriend floor lamp.

The downstairs bedroom in the New Port House is spacious enough to accommodate several chests of drawers and a sofa as well as slightly more crucial furniture, such as a bed for example.

New Port House XXI blog
Jester Designs: bed (retextured). Fancy Decor: chest (gacha), wooden box, catch-all, slippers, travel clock, chandelier. Digs: Dempsey dresser. Apple Fall: vintage camera (gacha). Thistle: table lamps. Lisp Bazaar: night stands. MadPea: bonsai (gacha).

New Port House XXII blog
Trompe Loeil: Xeni couch. Thistle: table lamp. Apple Fall: vintage radio (gacha).
Fancy Decor: books with glasses, copper magazine holder (group gift), radiator (gacha).
Lisp Bazaar: cup of coffee. Loft & Aria: side table.
New Port House XXIII blog
N4RS: bombe chest. Loft & Aria: orchid. Apple Fall: Travel drawers (gacha), frame with light (original artwork replaced). Dust Bunny: French horn planter (gacha).

The bathroom is also quite sizable with ample room for both a bath and shower.

New Port House XVIV blog
Loft & Aria: bath tub, sink, mirror, sconces, cupboard. David Heather: bathroom shelf (gacha). What Next: snake plant. Soy: long hanging hedera. Consignment: hanging lamp.

New Port House XXLoft & Aria: shower and toilet. David Heather: toilet paper holder.

That’s all folks! Hopefully most of the links will take you where they’re supposed to be taking you, but as you know, the SL landscape is ever changing. Good luck.

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