Dumpster Diving Hunt

Dumpster diving has always intrigued me in real life, but personally I’ve never taken it further than occasionally saving something from the reasonably clean bins in the recycling room to which I have official access (with a key and everything, it’s legit). I don’t think the Dumpster Diving Hunt will be taking me to dark back alleys or even the seedy underbelly of the grid (I know it well), but there is always the chance of finding a wee gem among the overripe fruit. So let’s see what I can unearth from the depth of that dumpster. I’d better get a wriggle on cause this hunt ends on 31 August!

The stops on this hunt are named Mayhem 1, Mayhem 2 etc. This outfit is from Fukin Cute, which is Mayhem 5. Is this top notch? No, I wouldn’t say so, but it isn’t bottom of the class either and it comes in an impressive number of sizes. Too many to mention! I like the tank top more than the jeans and can see myself wearing it with another pair of jeans or shorts.

Dumpster Diving Hunt - 2 blog

Mayhem 16 – Puppet Master: Having such a direct link between the hunt object and the prize is a bit on the nose, but apart from that this is an excellent gift for anyone who wants to add some realism to their urban scene and the cute pose is a cherry on top of the dumpster cake.

Dumpster Diving Hunt - 3 blog

Mayhem 28 –  Horr: There’s much better swimwear available in SL than these swim briefs, but seen in the light of a free hunt prize, they’re acceptable. They come in a bunch of sizes and there’s even one for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. I’ll have to try them on that body some day, cause I’m sorely lacking swimwear options for tragically beautiful David.

And that’s pretty much all I felt like showing. Of the 28 stops on this hunt, 12 only offer a female gift and 3 had to be skipped (no gift yet, or opted out, who knows?) and the rest simply didn’t cut the proverbial mustard.

Everything shown on the Signature Gianni mesh body and head, with Stray Dog skin and Tableau Vivant hair (couldn’t find the hair at their new store yet though).

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