The Frog Prince Hunt

Enchantment presents The Frog Prince Hunt and I wonder if any of the prizes are going to be prince worthy or if yet again this is going to be more of a princess-centered hunt. Of course if there’s nothing I can wear, I’d happily settle for some nice decor items. Right, let’s hop into this hunt, because it only runs till 31st August and I’d like to publish this post while it’s still relevant. So let’s pucker up to go kiss some frogs and turn them into prizes.

I had never heard of 3rd Eye Perception before, but at first sight they seemed to have some nice items, so I was hopeful for their gift and indeed, this mossy log complete with grass and leaves and a couple of animations isn’t bad, not bad at all.

Frog Prince Hunt - 2 blog
From the set of three rings I got from Dahlia, the golden firefly makes perfect sense to wear with my fairy look. The frog with a kissing pose from The Cove was good for a giggle and we’re definitely sticking with the theme by taking a look at the whimsical frog figurine and its “free kisses” sign from Serenity Style. I like that word: whimsical, whimsical, whim-si-cal… Oh I’ve said it too much, it’s gone weird now!

Frog Prince Hunt - 3 blog

It was a good idea to work with the fairy look throughout this post, as I can’t see myself getting away with this lily pad mask by Snowpaws with any other look.

This is where my show and tell for this hunt ends. If you want the credits for this look, please head over to my older post: Revamping the fairy.

Right! Time to stretch my wings and fly out of here, off to The Moulin Rouge.

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