Alice In Wonderland Hunt.

There are times that I don’t do any hunts for weeks or even months on end and then when I stumble across one, I usually will start digging a little deeper to find some more. I found the title of this particular hunt sufficiently enticing to give it a go. The worst thing that can happen on an Alice In Wonderland Hunt is that things get curiouser and curiouser, right?

Before you start on this hunt, you may want to know that the prizes are 1 L$. Looking at the list with slurls and hints, I saw that some stores have a hint for a female (F) and male (M) item while others are only showing the F, so I skipped all those that appeared to have no male or unisex item. Here’s what I was left with after carefully curating my finds. You have until 10th September to grab them all.

This scene from :DH: Shop, showing cards, hearts, an empty bird cage with an butterfly perched on top of it, a candelabra and a couple of colourful toadstools, will look good in a clearing of a wild garden, or on the worn stone floor of a garden folly or a ruin of some kind. A nice extra are the books and clock that pop up with some of the animations.

Alice in Wonderland hunt - 2 blog

I hadn’t been to X-Clusives Animations in a while. Their furniture isn’t particularly LGBT friendly or up to date, but they are pretty generous with animations. This dried up reflecting pool for example is packed with a bunch of romantic and plenty of hardcore animations. Finding items with adult animations in a hunt is always a rarity, especially if they don’t look too bad either. Our boys both are wearing the Aztec shirt by Waffles, also from this hunt. Aaaaawh, matching shirts! How sweet! Someone get me a bucket! *barfs*

Well, that’s it. That’s all I wanted to save from this hunt. It’s time for a quick shower and getting my ass out of the virtual and into the actual reality to soak up some daylight and inhale some outdoor air… Or I could just sit here and shake my wrist till my Fitbit tells me what a good boy I have been.

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