More shopping with David

As promised in my previous post, here’s the remaining item I bought on my latest expedition to the current round of the Men Only Monthly event with a focus on clothing that works for the NX-Nardcotix David avatar.

When you get the single colour version of this sweatshirt from Loulou & Co / Bebop @ MOM you get it with a couple of options. I’m wearing the simple grey and red one, but it also comes with patches and a camouflage pattern, so even your single colour version is a “light” fatpack. Other good news is that a Nardcotix size is included and no shape alteration is needed to wear it. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a pair of trousers or jeans to wear with it. The Men Only Montly event runs until September 16th, if you’re reading this post at a later date you should check out Loulou & Co’s main store.

For one of the outfits I showed in my previous post, I had to schlep my toches over to the Hipster Event to find the trousers that went with my new shirt and vest from Soul Identity. While I was there I had a very quick look around and saw something with potential.

David @ Hipster Event August-September 2018 blog

R2A has created items with an NX-Nardcotix size before, but they haven’t always been able to convince me it was good enough to cough up the dough. When I saw it at the Hiptster Event I thought maybe baby and grabbed it. This “half vest” is a fun piece you can combine with jeans or sweatpants, like the ones from Lavarock I’m wearing in this shot.

And now I’m running out of here and straight to bed. Ruuuuun Forest! Ruuun!


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