What’s Eating TMP 10

What’s TMP? It stands for The Mesh Project and though I wasn’t a Second Life citizen yet when they launched their mesh bodies and heads, I believe that at the time they were ahead of the game and now they are behind, far behind, with no update in sight. So why would you still get their body and/or head? Because for 500 L$ they look amazing. As always there’s a word of caution. TMP allegedly operates on their own servers and if these would ever go offline, the body would stop working as it should… Allegedly.
I made a quick visit to The Shops to check if anything has changed, but you still land at a so called pre-launch pop up store where TMP recently started selling new hair and you can click through from there to get to the old bodies, heads and skins.

For me it was my first mesh body and I enjoyed it a lot. Some people will say that clothing designers have stopped supporting this body, but that’s not entirely true. Some have dropped it, yes, but some picked it up at a later stage. I went to the current round of The Mens Dept. to see what’s new and comes in a TMP size. The event started at the 5th, as usual and will be running till the end of the month.

Cold Ash has a well-made tight-fitting shirt with short sleeves and some buttons undone to create a sexy plunging neckline and show off that chest. You can also get the new Not So Bad jeans at TMD which happen to be a perfect choice to wear with the shirt. I don’t think that any of the shoes at TMD this month include a TMP size and instead of trying any of them, I went with a pair of sneakers from an old gacha set at Semler, because these have stood the test of time very well and actually were rigged for the TMP body.

What's Eating TMP XXVIII blog

The Lenox “Juneau” jacket is a bit bulky but you can make your avatar somewhat slimmer to downsize the overall look, which brings me to the sweater and trousers from MGmen’s at The Men’s Dept. My avi looked like a blimp in that sweater, using his broad shouldered muscular shape. Only after severely toning down the body did this outfit become more or less acceptable. If you’re going to wear the trousers without the shirt, you can bulk up again, but they don’t accommodate a butt size over 20, which is a shame, especially with the caboose potential of the TMP body. The second pair of sneakers is also from Semler, available at their main store.

What's Eating TMP XXIX blog

Etham continues to support the TMP body as well and has a shirt at TMD which of course combines easily with their chinos which you can get at Etham’s main store. For shoes I suggest the Deadwool sneakers.

What's Eating TMP XXX blog

Aitui also keeps including a TMP size with their typically layered and lightly crumpled looking jackets and coats.

You can of course try items that don’t include a TMP size, there’s a chance they’ll work if you use the Signature or classic size where available. Don’t get your hopes up for things like tank tops and underwear though. Those really need to be rigged for a specific body to work.


  • TMP mesh body
  • Catwa Stanley mesh head
  • Skin is from Aeros as they are one of the few places that carry both TMP and Catwa appliers. ‘Brox‘ in the tequila tone.
  • ‘Season 5 Steking’ mesh ears from Mandala
  • ‘Reach’ hair from Stealthic

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