Just another fairy day

A while ago I “confessed” that occasionally I like to don a lovely pair of wings and flit around the grid all fairy like. With that confession I showed my revamped fairy look, but why stop at just one look though? I figured in for a penny, in for a pound and looked at what can be achieved with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. I knew that trying to find suitable clothing for a fairy with this body was going to be a challenge, but with some rummaging around I came to a pleasing end result.

Gabriel has several older fantasy gacha sets which have aged gracefully and thankfully still are available at their main store. I got these pants with armored boots and a belt because I rather liked the idea of a warrior fairy. The fit isn’t perfect, but for me the Signature size seemed to work best for David. It’s worth checking Marketplace for these items, so you don’t have to keep hitting the gacha machine till you finally get what you want on top of a heap of things you weren’t looking for.
If you like posing with props, you’ll probably appreciate the detail and range of colour options on the bow and quiver from Elemental. I would have liked seeing an animation or pose coming with this, but instead I had to go look for one in Marketplace.

Another Fairy Day II blog

I would like to create a fairy with a softer looking mesh head some time, but for this time I went back to the Catwa Stanley head, which looks suitably boyish with the Ryu skin by Birth. A bonus is that the omega mesh body applier from Birth works beautifully with the Nardcotix body and is fit as f*ck.
Obviously the pointy ears are a big part of this look. You can get the Season 5 Steking mesh ears from Mandala and the great thing about those is that they are human, pixie and elf ears all in one. Wings are a must as well and I went with my usual Titania fairy wings by Deviance. To give him a twinkle in his eye, I chose the NSS Vermeer mesh eyes and finally, the Like Lust hairstyle by Stealthic finishes off the look.

Right, and now I’m flying outa here! Cheerio. *woooosh*

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