Exmachina Davide 4.02

The answer to the question “what shall I do next” eventually came to me as: “Let’s play with the Exmachina Davide avatar!” It has been a while since I last used it, which adds that little bit of excitement to the situation, because there’s always the chance that there has been an update. Sure enough, as soon as I put on version 3.01 I was offered version 4.01. It was apparent straight away from the somewhat odd looking face that Exmachina has been tinkering with mesh and my shape was no longer ideal for it. I welcomed the opportunity to work on my shape and soon found that the changes are a nice improvement. Some of the jagged edges in the facial features of previous versions seem to have been smoothed out a bit. The list of improvements is long and while most of them are little bug fixes, it’s nice to see that Exmachina is persevering.

Sadly this body still is lacking in underwear and swimwear options. You’ll find a small satellite store of Gild at the Exmachina sim where you’ll see speedos and rope I’m wearing above and these are by far the nicest thing you’ll find for Davide in terms of skimpy things to wear for a swim. If you search Marketplace for underwear, you may come across something, but it all leaves me feeling a bit… meh.

Exmachina 4 - 2 blog

While we’re talking about Gild, we might as well take a look at the other two items they have for the Exmachina body. Their baggy pants with suspenders are perfect for some barefoot island exploring and leave much to the imagination while still making clear that you’re going commando. They seem to communicate with the body, albeit with a delay and though I’m all for auto alpha functionality, I was a bit miffed to see that the pants knocked out my head. But no worries, you simply bring it back by using the body’s hud.

ExMachina 4 - 3 blog

Here’s a pair of skinny pants from Gild, complete with shoes and a belt. These are three separate items so you can wear them how you see fit. You can leave off the belt if it’s clipping with your top for example. The open knitted sweater I’m wearing here is from Legal Insanity, which is another brand that’s started rigging clothing for this body.

Other credits: hair by Vango, ears by Mandala and eyes by NSS.

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