Exmachina Davide 4.02 – episode 2

I wasn’t quite done with the Exmachina Davide full avatar after my previous post. It needed a little extra something and the ‘Bristle’ beard applier from Birth was just the thing, but I’m not sure how exactly I manage to put it on the face. I finally got there, but then I teleported and it was gone again. I have a strong hunch that this beard would be much better behaved on a Catwa head. It’s a shame, because sure looks handsome on this mug.

The baggy pants from Legal Insanity are an absolute delight, if you are into that sort of that thing of course. The drape of the fabric looks fabulous and the belt and chains positively rock. Best of all, they come in an exmachina size!

Exmachina 4 - 5 blog

Equally soothing to the eye and also rigged for the Exmachina Davide are these overalls from Legal Insanity and what makes them even greater is that you can wear them with or without the shirt.

I was trying some skins before returning to the standard skins for these image, but accidentally left on the brows from a VYC skin. I’m only noticing this now while I’m editing the pictures. It doesn’t look bad though. Our boy can do with a stronger brow. It’s a shame that there isn’t a standard skin option without brows with this full avatar.

I used two different hairstyles from Vango for this shoot, booth working exceptionally well with the shape of my head and helping me to achieve boyishly handsome looks. The eyes are from NSS and ears from Mandala.

Lat but not least I need to mention that at 3200 L$ this full avatar is priced very competitively and at this very moment there is a 50% discount! I’m posting this at the end of 27 September and I have no idea how long this discount is going to last.

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