Exmachina Davide 4.02 : Suiting Up

Building on the work I have done with the latest version of the Exmachina Davide full avatar, I’m continuing the series with a post about suit options for this body. In theory it shouldn’t be too difficult to find suits for any mesh body, because obviously most of the body will be covered, which means you can make good use of the alpha cuts. However, in some cases there will be issues with the shirt collar and cuffs and in other cases you simply will not like what the suit does to your shape. But before you start stuffing your face with chocolate muffins and crying your bitter tears of disappointment in your cup of sweet mint tea because (boohoohoo) nothing fits, let’s look at what Beaver pulled from his wardrobe. Ever so helpful, I’ve put the sizes I’ve been using between brackets, so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head over that.

Exmachina 4 - 6 blog
Left: (Signature Gianni size) Let’s start things off light and breezy with this Summer Suit by Gabriel. Sure, it’s autumn where I am, but it’s spring down under and there are plenty of eternal summers in SL, so shut up already. The Monk Shoes by Ascend are a nice fit with this suit.
Middle: (Signature Gianni size) For the more flamboyant gents among you, there’s the elaborately embroidered Valentine Jacket with matching trousers and Triple Monk Shoes all by Ascend. The jacket is also available in plain colours, for those of you that aren’t into embroidery.
Right: (TMP size) You’ll find a sexy casual option in the Marc Jacket, combined with the Jack Cargo Pants and Harry Long Boots all by Ascend.

Exmachina 4 - 7 blog

Left: (fitmesh) The Peak suit from Deadwool and their Dandy shoes and socks have been around for a while, but they’re still dapper as f*ck and so damn sharp you’ll be cutting right through the masses strutting your stuff. Several versions are available, so even if the classic green tartan isn’t your cup of earl grey, your bound to find one that hits your sweet spot. The shirt, tie, pocket handkerchief, belt and socks all have huds with a bunch of texture options.
Middle: (Signature Gianni size) Brand new from Deadwool is the double breasted Hart suit. This one is so sharp, it’s probably illegal! The one button that’s left undone does leave a hint of casualness and that’s cool. The Oxford shoes are also one of Deadwool’s more recent creations and fit perfectly under the trousers so you can just blank out pretty much everything apart from your hands, neck and head. Now I did notice a tiny little bit of pesky clipping in the neck area and I increased my neck size to 75 which solved the issue
Right: (Standard Sizing) This is Deadwool’s aptly named Dandy suit. It’s an old school standard size item and I’m wearing the small size. I wouldn’t call it a perfect fit and I wish this suit existed in a fitmesh size, but I love the look of this suit with its extensive colour options for the tie, handkerchief and shirt. Just to be clear, there are no clipping issues, but I feel my arms look too skinny in the small size and the medium size makes me too bulky for my liking.

Exmachina 4 - 8 blog

Left: (TMP size) Etham’s Josh blazer and Adam chinos work very well together as a casual suit. For shoes I chose the Deadwool chase sneakers, wearing the resizable version.
Middle: (top Fitmesh, bottom TMP size) Take Kalback’s casual blazer and wear it with Cold Ash Dean Chinos and you’ve got yourself a smart but playful casual Friday outfit.
Right: (Signature size) The Gabriel blazer by Not So Bad comes with a nice selection of texture options in the hud for the shirt. With the matching suit pants you have some choices for the belt as well, so you can coordinate it with your shoes. The blazer made my ass arrive 5 minutes later at the party than the rest of my body, but that was soon solved with some careful shape editing.

Speaking of shapes, I should mention that it’s good practice to click the “Save As” button in the shape editing window as soon as you have changed one setting, that way you prevent accidentally overwriting the original skin you may have been working on for a while. Alternatively you can make a copy of the shape in your inventory first.

I’ll conclude this blog post with pointing you into the direction of Vango for hair, Mandala for mesh ears and Birth for that scruffy beard applier.

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