Taking David to TMD October 2018

The current round of The Mens Dept. started on 5th October and will last till the end of the month. I don’t keep count of the percentage of clothing items versus tattoos, skins, hair, poses etc. but I do feel that this round seems to be offering more fashion. I’m writing this intro before having tried anything on, but I’m hopeful there will be enough here to dress the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. Before we start dressing him though, let’s take a closer look at a skin you can also find at this month’s TMD.

The Benjamin skin by Birth for Catwa mesh heads is manly and fresh-faced with a hint of cheekiness. I’m showing the No. 3 skin tone on the Catwa Stanley head, but I’m confident it will look good on most, if not all Catwa heads. Birth skins always come with several options for the brows, hair base and beard. You can of course also apply the naked skin and use your own favorites. Matching body appliers are available specifically for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake but Birth also have a generic Omega applier that works really well with  David. Covering up the family jewels this time are the NX-Nardcotix briefs, which you naturally can find at the same place where you get the body.
As is my habit, I’m wearing the Season 5 Steking ears by Mandala, because I like the way these are sculpted a lot more than the original Catwa ears, even if matching the skin tone is a real pain.
The new skin put me in the mood for a new hairdo as well and I was drawn to the Nial hair by Modulos also present at TMD this month. A long messy fringe always has been a turn on for me, especially in SL.

David @ TMD October 2018 - 2 blog
First up on the list of clothing items I have found at TMD for David is this snazzy jacket with an open shirt and a casual tie from ::K::. It’s not a perfect fit, as you can see from the bit of clipping at the wrist, but it just goes so well with this boyish slightly rebellious look, I couldn’t resist it. I’m not sure which one works best, the Jake or Gianni size, but in the end that will also depend on your personal shape. I like the NX-Nardcotix Finlay cargo pants and Jude ankle boots with this jacket.

David @ TMD October 2018 - 3 blog

A pair of ripped jeans and sturdy walking boots are a great match. I was able to make the jeans by Vexiin work for David with some shape remodeling. The Gianni size is probably your best option. There is a version with and one without a belt and you’ll find a hud in the package with some options for the belt and underpants. The boots are from Lenox and fit well under the jeans if you use the Jake size, which is interesting, seeing how I’m wearing Gianni size jeans. The message here is: always try everything!

David @ TMD October 2018 - 4 blog
Of course a leather jacket goes well with ripped jeans too. Etham has released one at TMD that fits nicely on David in the TMP size and it comes with a hud offering 12 shirt colours and 5 metal options.

David @ TMD October 2018 - 5 blog
Blankline wants you to keep warm this autumn when you go out for an evening walk in this turtle neck sweater and shirt which is easy to put on, as it covers up most of your body and comes with a hud that offers three colour choices for the sweater.

David @ TMD october 2018 - 6 blog
The coat from Hotdog & Contraption inspired me to be a bit more daring with the bottom half of the outfit and I went for the Alexander leggings by Noche. Currently these are available a the Kinky Event until 19th October and afterwards they’ll pop up at Noche’s main store. Don’t get your hopes up too much though, you will not be able to wear these leggings topless. The fit is much too tight to be able to make them work with a body they weren’t specifically made for, but don’t they look cray cray in a good way when combined with this coat? Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that I had to pull in my chin to be able to wear that turtle neck. You can wear the coat with or without the fur collar and you get a bunch of texture and colour options that will have you mixing and matching till the cows come home and remind you to … moooooh, milk me motha-fuckah!

I think there is more at TMD this month I can work with, but I’m taking a break here and am keeping a little something for another day.

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