Noche Halloween group gift

Noche has released a Halloween version of their Kenny t-shirt as a group gift. It comes in two versions and 3 textures. You can teasingly pull it up stop showing off your fracking abs and pull that shirt down. This t-shirt works with Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. You can find the gift at the Noche store and of course you need to be a group member, but there is no joining free. The leggings are also a Noche item you can purchase at their store and the sneakers are a group gift from Vale Koer.

Noche Halloween Jock blog

Last year Noche surprised us with a Halloween version of their jockstrap for the Signature Gianni, TMP and Belleza Jake mesh bodies. You can still get this jock on Marketplace and 300 L$ for a well made jockstrap that comes with 8 textures is almost a bargain, especially as you also get 4 bulge sizes for that price.

Go forth and be sexy spooky!


  • Signature Gianni mesh body and head.
  • Stray Dog Owen applier for Gianni mesh head(not available at store, but check out the Roman skin instead) and body applier for the Gianni body.
  • Tableau Vivant Dagon hair (I hope this hair will show up at their new store soon, last time I checked they still hadn’t put up the vendors for male hair styles).

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