The Madpea Monster Hunt

For about a week now I have been teleporting all over the grid in search of colourful monsters. Why on earth for? Because once again MadPea has organised a Halloween hunt in their familiar style. Each monster gives you a number of points and eventually you will have enough points so you can trade them in for prizes. You can get these prizes for your greedy little self but if you are in a particularly philanthropic mood, you can also buy them as a gift for a friend. The basic hud can be bought for 100 L$, but there is also a 500 L$ deluxe version which comes with a bit of extra kit. Even if you decide to go for the basic hud, you can still grab a weapon from the gacha set that was created for this hud at 75 L$ per pop.

Madpea Monster Hunt 2 blog

Some of the monsters will give you a key instead of points. With these keys you can unlock direct prizes from 10 contributors. It could be a good strategy to collect those first, especially if you are starting late on this hunt. You need three keys for each contributor to be able to unlock their prize. You can find out who they are by clicking on the M in the Monster Hunt hud.

The prizes are of a high standard and it’s not extremely difficult to collect enough points so you can grab some of the larger ones, provided you don’t wait until the last day to start hunting.  You have until 3th November to get involved, so head over to Madpea’s specially created dungeon to get started. You can also find out more about the hunt by visiting the Madpea website.

Happy hunting!

PS: see my previous blog post to find out about the T-shirt  and leggings I’m wearing.

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