Something new in the willy department

Do you remember that first time when as a male avatar you got naked and discovered you weren’t quite complete? Oh the horror! The smoothness of it all! There are some free willies flopping around on the grid, but none of them look really nice and that’s just a euphemism for saying they’re diseased. This seems to be an area in SL that appears somewhat underdeveloped, so to speak. You really need to fork out the dough to get yourself a pounder. Birth has become a new player in this field with their “Mr Smooth” bento cock and it deserves a closer look.

It comes with separate pubes and a range of sizes going from extra small to freakishly large. As this is a bento piece, it of course has a bunch of built-in animations (24), like some serious throbbing and thrusting actions and smooth transitions from fully erect to charmingly flaccid.

Birth Mr Smooth 2 blog

Users of Birth skins will particularly appreciate how this penis matches their body skin tones. You will also find a tinting option among the settings, so you can match this cock with any skin. The available tattoos are a nice touch as well and the competitive price of 850 L$ makes this a worthy option among the existing range of nether region appendages.

Have fun people, but don’t go sticking your “nose” in anywhere it doesn’t belong.

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