Exmachina Davide 5.0

I checked up on the Exmachina avatar and discovered that there has been another update. We’re at version 5.0 now. For this version a button for the wardrobe system has been added to the main hud. This system allows you to save the changes you make in the alpha hud for each item of clothing, so that the next time you put it on, the item will be recognised and whatever body parts need to be blanked out will automatically disappear. According to the change log some minor bugs were fixed as well and the rigging of the face has been improved to better support animations.

After struggling to put on a hair base, a pair of thicker eyebrows and a beard I managed to get this 5.0 version to look like the previous one. My experience of applying things like these to other mesh heads has been much smoother, even with the complicated Catwa heads. I’m really not sure how I got it to work in the end and that’s never a reassuring feeling, right?
Alas when it comes to underwear, nothing new has been rigged for this body lately and I have resorted to experimenting again with something unrigged like the Roco thong by Mat Kungler Atelier. It takes a lot of stretching and pulling to make this thong work and in the end it still isn’t a perfect fit, but at least it’s got a ton of texture options and a bulge that will bring tears to your eyes. It also has a built-in willy and if you want to be able to stretch the thong in individual directions, you need to click “edit linked” first and then click the thong. Once you’ve resized it to your liking, you can click the penis if needed an resize it separately. MK also has an interesting pair of “Adverse” boots, in Converse style. I’m wearing the TMP size, which seems to work nicely, with my feet and part of my legs made invisible of course.

I want to try some other skins on this avatar, but at the moment I am struggling to find something without nipple displacement. Perhaps I need to try separate add-on nipples as a stop gap solution… to be continued!


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