Castor Cottage – Episode 1

In the spring and summer of 2018 I was living my Second Life at a lovely house I’ve named Castor Cottage (Castor is the scientific name for beavers). A friend let me rent the grounds and house at a very competitive price and he wasn’t too fussy about prims. On top of that generosity, he has the added benefit of being quite adept at creating a pleasing landscape. For now he’s taking a sabbatical from virtual life and sadly that sweet corner of SL has gone “poof”, but I took plenty of pictures to help preserve the memories.

I have no idea where all the trees and plants came from, but I know you can get yourself some fluffy cows at Jian. The house is from Brook Hill Living and the hammock is a deconstructed version of one you can get from MadPea.

Now let’s head inside and take a look at the large entrance hall that runs straight through to the other side of the house and onto a nice deck.

Castor House II blog

The Brook Hill house allows you to change the wallpaper while keeping the shadows, but it is quite tricky to click the correct layer and even more so to line up patterns in the corners. Don’t bother trying to find this wallpaper anywhere on the grid or in Marketplace, as I usually look for patterns online. This corner of the entrance hall is right at the front door, so it makes sense to have the Fancy Decor Hasting Bench for something to sit on while you’re putting on your shoes. This type of bench would most probably offer storage space under the seat in real life, so it is perfect for hallways. For even more storage there is the Digs Albany Dresser which comes in a bunch of colours. To give the area a more realistic feel, one needs typical hallway items such as Fancy Decor rain boots, the Dusty Bunny old backpack from their Storybook Living gacha set and a cane stand from 8f8, which most probably is a gacha item I snatched up from Marketplace. As you will undoubtedly need somewhere to hang your coats, there’s a framed Irish blessing with hangers and a handy shopping bag from Chez Moi. Add the Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in a Glazed Pot, the Brook Hill Living Tisburry box and a wallet with car keys from TA Concept and this area really starts to look lived in. Of course you will need a light source to see what you are doing and something like the antique wall sconce from a Schultz Bros. gacha set goes nicely over a dresser. Finally there’s a nice chunky piece of art. This frame by Apple Fall originally holds another nice classic landscape, but I enjoy looking around on the internet for suitable artwork to replace it with, in this case a piece by Swedish painter Richard Bergh entitled Swedish Summer Evening.

That’s it for now. There still is a lot of furniture to cover in this large entrance hall and I’ll be serving you the episodes for this series in bite size portions.

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