Romp November 2018

There’s no use in beating around the trimmed bush, there is a lot of pixel rumpy pumpy going on in SL and even if the visuals of virtual coitus utterly fail to entice you and the very idea of moaning sweet nothings in your mike makes you vomit a little in your mouth, you may still appreciate the outfits made with only the smallest possible amount of fabric. For the ladies it usually comes down to a bra that’s like two delicate tissues held together with floss, and panties that slice your muffin top into a hamburger bun. For the gents, there is an assortment of thongs and jockstraps out there on the grid, but often when there’s an event that specialises in this kind of thing, there will be one male item against ten female items. I guess the male avatars don’t release the creative juices as much as the ladies.

One of these sexy events is called Romp and I think this is the first time I could be bothered to visit it. It started on 10th November and it was quiet during my visit today, so I have no complaints about lag. It will run until 24th November, so you still have plenty of time to go check it out. There’s a good mix of adult furniture, lots of lingerie and little dresses for the ladies and as predicted, just a couple of items for male avatars.

One of my sponsors, THIRST, has launched a new Gorean set at Romp, which was my main reason for visiting the event. I wanted to check out their display before committing to this set and I was NOT disappointed.

Running from Paradise blog

The Gorean set is rigged for the Belleza Jake body only and if you’re going to wear the hauberk, your body fat should not be over 10%. No, I’m not fat shaming, it is what it is. Speaking of things being what they are, I googled “hauberk” and this thing doesn’t come even close to what that is supposed look like, but I think I prefer Thirst’s interpretation. The “loin jock” comes in two sizes. There’s the modest “subtle” one and the more in-your-face “bold” one. Everything comes with a hud with several texture options for each item, so you can have lots of fun mixing and matching. Once Romp has finished, you can head over to the Thirst main store to grab this set.

Shown on Belleza Jake mesh body with Catwa Stanley head, Stray Dog Erwin skin, Stealthic Reach hair and Mandala mesh ears.

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