Another Fairy Day – Episode 2

Should fairy wings always be more insect like, or can they be feathered? Personally I think anything goes. Free your mind and the rest will follow! Which brings me to the fact that often you will need to look beyond the sales poster for some items, as they will only be shown on a female avatar. While I don’t dabble in cross dressing in real life, I’m also not one of those guys that start to hyperventilate if a clothing store doesn’t have a very clear division between the men’s and women’s department. Heaven forbid they should like something that wasn’t specifically made for them! The horror!

The Gorean set by Thirst, available at the November round of Romp till the 24th, is fancy full enough for a fairy look. You can leave of the armour for a softer appearance, though of course fairies can be tough warriors too. I particularly like the fur wrap around my waist, as it leaves my butt cheeks less exposed than if I’d just be wearing the leather “loin jock”. A wee bit of modesty is very becoming for a fairy and moreover, the fluffy fur helps to keep my buttocks warm in these chilly conditions. Right! And now I’m flying out of here!

Shown on Belleza Jake mesh body with Catwa Stanley head, Stray Dog Zack skin, Stealthic Hysteria hair and Mandala mesh ears. Wings by Blueberry. Picture taken at The Outer Garden.

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