Castor Cottage – Episode 2

In the previous episode we took a look at the outside of the Chillmark House by Brook Hill Living and went inside to snoop around for a bit, to see what kind of furnishings I used in one corner of the large entrance hall. This is the central hall of the house, flanked by a spacious kitchen on the right and an ample living room on the left. It isn’t so much an entrance hall as an extra reception room.

Moving on to another corner of the hall, you can see I used the Fancy Decor Striped Storage Bench and a large painting to almost mirror the first corner of the room. I tinted the cushions on the bench to match the room’s colour scheme, cause I’m fastidious that way. The frame is by Fancy Decor, but I replaced the artwork with “Summer Faun” by Carlos Barahona. Between the two windows you see  an elegant frame By Apple Fall that originally had a botanical study in it, but now is showing “Merab’s Beauty” by Mel Odom. Underneath that frame I placed a wooden trunk by Apple Fall. This originally has a simple somewhat tatty white cloth on it, which I re-textured with a rich fabric . The trunk offers a good spot for a plant, like the button fern by Vespertine.

Castor House IV blog

In the centre of the room I have placed a large round table, which comes with a round rug. It is by N4RS and has lots of naughty animations in it, cause the days that such things are limited to the bedroom are long behind us… Actually, I don’t think those days ever existed. Don’t get me started on the Victorians! They were well raunchy! Such a table of course needs a nice big centre piece such as the pink medinilla plant by Dust Bunny. The central light in this room comes from the Apple Fall Kingsbury Pendant Lamp.

Against the stair wall we see a chest of drawers by Anhelo, that almost could function as a desk and is a very typical piece for this kind of room. The books are part of this item and I’ve used a vase with beautifully romantic roses by Apple Fall and a table lamp by Thistle to fill the empty space.

Castor House V blog

An elegant grandfather clock flanked by a pair of beautifully crafted lyre chairs by Fancy Decor was just the kind of thing that wall needed.

Castor House VI blog

One corner has been decorated as a comfortable space for reading the newspaper or a book. Just imagine sinking into that old Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair with plenty of light to read by, either from the large window during the day or the Tromp Loeil Antique Floor Lamp when it gets dark. You’ve got the small Apple Fall Occasional Table for putting your cup of tea on and you’re nice an close to a little radiator by Floorplan & Brocante in case it’s getting a bit chilly outside. That wall would have looked empty without some artwork, so I used the frame from the Apple Fall botanical study again and found another painting by Mel Odom to fill it with. The large Ficus Rubber Plant by Vespertine ads a green touch to this corner.

Castor House VII blog

Now we bring the tour of this hall to a close with the final corner. Here you find a small bench by Shutter Field, which leaves enough room so you can open the cupboard door under the staircase, cause you’ve gotta stash Harry Potter somewhere, right? I’ve got a stack of books by Nutmeg and I’m gonna read them all! (yeah, right). There’s a rug by Artisan Fantasy to keep my feet warm and a little shelf with old pictures by Apple Fall to add some character. Finally the last much needed green touch is provided by a large ponytail palm by Soy.

That’s it for now. The tour will continue in the next episode. Don’t forget to tip your tour guide.

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