Taking David to Men Only Monthly November/December 2018

The November / December round of the Men Only Monthly event started on 20th November and will run till 15th December. As so often before, I have made good use of the event for yet another one of my styling exercises with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. Let’s take a look at what I brought home.

Etham has a nice cardigan in their usual easy-going clean-cut style. If you want to find trousers and shoes to wear with it, the NX-Nardcotix Finlay cargos and Jude ankle boots are very suitable options. I recommend wearing the cardigan in TMP size and if you find it seems a bit tent-like in the back, you may want to decrease your butt size. Basically, I am telling you to suck. it. in.

Next I’m forgetting all about my real life climate (#climatechangedinial #alternativefacts) and I’m heading to Hades Love Island in new jogger jeans by Invictus. I have tried the Signature, TMP and Aesthetic size and all can be made to work by altering your shape in different ways. With the TMP size you need a big bum and a bit of a belly, with the Aesthetic size your legs needs to be muscular so the cuffs don’t cut into your ankles and with the Signature size it looks like you need to be overall a bit slimmer. It’s not a struggle free item as you can tell from this lengthy description, but I like the wrapped bandanna and drawstring details a lot.

Legal Insanity has a fabulous pair of overalls out at MOM this month. If you are wearing these overalls with the Jake, Gianni, Geralt, or Slink body you can go nipples-to-the-wind topless. Alas to make it work with David, you really do need the shirt. You will also need to lower your torso muscles if you don’t want your clavicles to cut into the shirt whenever you turn your head. Perhaps that makes this item more suitable for those that prefer a slimmer shape to begin with. The well crafted details on these overalls make up for its shortcomings. The accompanying hud with several colour options for the t-shirt, let’s you match it up with your shoes, like I did here with the Not So Bad Tom sneakers.

Next we’re plunging into deep winter with a warm down jacket by Hypnotik. There don’t seem to be any particular fitting issues with this one. The Gianni size works nicely and there’s a hud for the t-shirt colour. I’m combining this jacket with a pair of jeans by FE Style, adorned with straps and a pocket. This is one of the brands that include a Nardcotix size, so of course these jeans are a perfect fit. I’m wearing the NX-Nardcotix Gideon boots with this outfit, partly because it’s fun to wear bright red shoes in the snow, but also because these boots include a cut version that fits perfectly under the jeans.

You can also find the playful two-tone Zack hairstyle by Vango at MOM and if you’re partial to neatly kept facial hair, you should check out the Trimmed beard by Birth at the event. The skin I’m wearing is Benjamin by Birth and you can find it at their main store. It has it’s own optional hair base, which happens to work well with the Vango hair. The head I’ve used for this look is the Catwa Stanley bento mesh head.

This concludes the styling exercise of David @ MOM for this round, for now. Have fun shopping and making it all work.

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