Akeruka’s male Deluxe heads are back

I’m happy to say that the Akeruka male Deluxe heads are back among the (second) living after having spent some time in limbo, due to what now looks like an unfounded copyright complaint. Rather than go on a rant about the perpetrators of this false accusation, I prefer to spend my time on playing with the Akeruka Leon head and sharing my results with you.

For this look I went with a skin from Akool, a creator I hadnever used before, and I’m having zero regrets. The Chris skin is a good fit for the Akeruka Leon head. I previously used this skin on the Exmachina Davide full avatar and it couldn’t really handle the fierce eyebrows. Leon is much better behaved with this skin, though of course the brow on this skin is quite strong. You can apply it without brows if you wish and a scattering of freckles is in included option too. For 899 L$ you get the Omega face applier as well as Omega, Belleza and Signature body appiers. I’m using the Signature Gianni body and everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be.


  • Akeruka Deluxe Leon mesh head
  • Akool Chris omega face applier, including Signature, Belleza and Omega body appliers
  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Shape is my own work
  • Mandala Season 5 Steking mesh ears
  • Stealthic Like Lust hair
  • Vokstone Craig facial hair
  • Noche Riley mesh u-briefs

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