Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 2

Those of you that have been around for a bit in Second Life, know that Christmas is a time that brings out the generosity in many creators and there are plenty of gifts to be found if you get off your glutenous ass and do some searching . One pretty easy peasy way to fill your treasure box is to make regular visits to Fox City…

Above you see the Noel Express Advent Calendar at Fox City.  Follow this calendar to collect all the gifts. You’ll find a free gift every two days at the participating stores. Each store has been allocated two days between 1 and 24 of December. Their gift will be available for free only during these two calendar days. After that, the participating store puts their gift under the shared region Christmas tree and there it will remain available at a discounted price until Christmas.

The first gift from the calendar at Fox City can be found at Bleich and it’s a rather wonderful pair of converse style sneakers in a Christmassy green with a candy cane striped trim and the typical Bleich tag.

Stay poised and makes sure you visit advent calendar sims daily and remember, Christmas isn’t about gifts… It’s about getting lots of free stuff!
Ho ho ho!

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