Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 3

My Christmas scavenger hunt for gifts and bargains continues, after a couple of hour of real life work, shopping and Netflix. You’ve gotta keep on top of things In SL if you want to get the most out of Christmas from a materialistic point of view.

I was hoping that Meva wasn’t just going to be a bunch of accessories and I’m happy to see that two days into their advent calendar they’ve thrown in this simple tank top for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. Group joining fee is 100 L$ and gifts must be picked up on the day.
Love To Decorate (LTD) has been around in Second Life for a long time and want to celebrate the holidays with us. A bunch of stores have created a lovely gift for the LTD group. Visit the LTD website for more detailed information. Joining the group is free and the gifts can be picked up any time between 1 and 21 December. The LTD group gift at Shutter Field is a bench and basket cosy blankets.
7 Deadly S(k)ins gift for 2 December is the Gav skin in lots of skin tones. The box includes Omega facy & body appliers, Slink hand & feet appliers, TMP face appliers (no TMP body applier) and even the system skins. The gift has to be picked up on the day. Gifts from previous days can be purchased at reduced prices. For example, I checked the gift form 1 December and it was priced 50 L$. The joining fee for the group is a temporary hefty 1000 L$.

Now I have to go regenerate in my alcove… hmmm, I’ve been watching too much Star Trek Voyager.

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