Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 4

Welcome back to my little Christmas extravaganza. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep this up on a daily basis, as I have this thing called a day job. I’m sure I’m only uncovering a very small portion of the treasure that’s out their in this season to be jolly, but let’s dive under that tinselled tree and see what we can get, apart from a rash.  

In episode two I already explained how the advent calendar at Fox City works. Every two days we have access to a new gift for two days and afterwards the gift is moved under the community Christmas tree where it can be bought for a reduced price. Head over to Fox City now and grab the wonderful oversized scarf at Boys To The Bone, which is the gift for 3 & 4 December.
Hop over to Meva for a snazzy pair of sleeves that could work with a gor outfit or wear them with a minimalist outfit if you plan on shaking your ass off at a club where a lack of clothing is rather expected. This is the gift for 3 December, get it now or you’ll miss it. The joining fee is 100 L$.
Speaking of dancing your ass off, you need to zip over to Abranimations next and get their gift for this day, cause the same rule goes here: you snooze, you loose! The box contains 4 classy dances like a charleston and some jazzy tap.

If you haven’t heard about The Epiphany yet, you either have been living under a virtual rock or perhaps you’re just a been green behind the SL ears. It’s a popular Gacha event that’s organised a couple of times a year. The current round is in full swing now and runs till 27 December. Naturally plenty of the gacha sets have a holiday theme. Apart from a ton of gacha sets to try your luck with, there’s also a bunch of gifts. Alas this event is very much focused on female avatars, and the gifts even more so. I was able to snatch a couple of Christmas decoration items.
I went in search of some prizes of the Peace On Earth Hunt and found a well at Drakes and an easy chair at Park Place. You can find better, but you definitely also can find worse. I’m going to be kind and say that both items aren’t entirely without charm.

I went back to The Epihany to blow my proverbial wad on Noche’s Santa’s Helper gacha. There was no messing about with the gacha to try and get the rares out of it for me, I went straight for the jugular and bought the fatpack. Oh yes, my virtual wallet was bleeding for a bit, but I have a weakness for this kind of silly sexy over the top outfits. It’s a pair of striped stockigns, a thong, a very christmassy top with bells, a hat, a choker and various accessories like candy canes and cookies… I even got milk. Of course, as I got the fatpack, I’ll be having lots of fun mixing and matching the colours. Wheeeeeee! Something tells me my ass will be hanging out a lot the coming days. And why the hell not? You can bounce a quarter of that and I accept Visa too.

This concludes today’s Christmas wonderland craziness. Have fun, wherever you are and whatever you’re celebrating. If someone wishes you a good time with the wrong holiday, just translate that to whatever you need it to be. In the end they were wishing you well, weren’t they? On the other hand, perhaps Santa should tone down the “ho ho ho” when he flies over a red light district. It sounds so judgemental.

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  1. Having a day job is a drag, but I really appreciate these posts. Yu do the work of searching out these items, so I don’t have to. And even when my avatar would die of embarrassment if caught wearing the clothes in the morgue, it’s still an interesting read.

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