Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 5

Hi there loyal Beaver Reader or if you’re new here: what took you so long? This is episode 5 of my blog series about Christmas related finds, freebies, goodies and bargains in Second Life and you better braise yourself cause it’s gonna be a big one.

We’re going to take a look at The Snowbound Hunt. This hunt runs until 12 December and has many contributors. All the hunt prizes can be found on the Snowbound sim, which is quite a lovely place for wandering around. Each contributor has specific baubles you need to look for. Very few prizes are free, some are 10 L$ and others are 25 L$. Of course if you know what the prize is and you really want it, than these are all bargains. The little cat-like creature with the sign will give you an overview of contributing stores, their specific baubles and prizes. The hunt also has a facebook page that can proof useful. There are a lot of baubles as all the participating stores have contributed several items. One way to get a better idea of what’s in a bauble is to right click it, go in edit mode and have a look in the contents tab. Once you have either bought the item or have decided you don’t want it, you may want to derender the bauble, unless you have one of those perfect recall memories, in which case I do hate you ever so slightly. There aren’t an awful lot of male items here, but if you have a female avatar you can really clean this place out. Here’s a selection of the goodies I grabbed. I’ve put the type of bauble you need to look for with each of the prizes.

First up is a pair of fluffy ear warmers with golden cat ears by Quirky.
Next you can indulge your sweet tooth with a snowman ice cream cone by SugarBun.
Everybody needs at least one pair of antlers in their wardrobe and there are lots of these in this hunt. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the hunt’s organiser, Toxxic Rhiannyer, who’s supplying these antlers. You’ll find them in beige/gold striped baubles.

If you like an industrial touch, then you will appreciate the bent nail bracelet by Nova.
Make sure your guests have something to nibble on, with the cupcakes and candy canes by The Artist shed.
Of course guests can come in tiny sizes, like this little chinchilla by Sweet Thing.

Riot has several pairs of thigh high boots hidden in this hunt and they come in a bunch of sizes, even for male avatars like Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, Slink and Adam. Admittedly, as far as male attire goes it’s “out there”, but the texturing is great and it’s nice to see creators are thinking outside the box. Riot also contributed some tamer options, like the oversized sweater and the white and green biker pants.
Now I get back to a bit of decor with this festive red bike by THOR. It’s christmassy because of the colour and the cans of hot milky drinks. Great! Now the chinchilla has something to wash the candy canes down with.

Tiller put in a jacket, a pair of trousers and a set of differently coloured baseball caps that like a young urban look.
If you don’t like full-on Christmas decoration or simply haven’t got the time to put it all together, but like to scatter about some small seasonal items, then you may like this basket of ornaments and cup with candy canes by Moss & Mink.
After all that bauble hunting you’re going to need a rest so it’s good to know you can find a pair of PJ bottoms by [QE] in this hunt. Unfortunately there’s no Belleza size included. You get Aesthetic, Signature Gianni and classic sizes.

If you’re making some memories this Christmas, perhaps you can put them in the winter themed picture frames by Moon Tea.
Having a lazy day between the holidays? Just wrap yourself in the blanket by Lagom. If you have a female avi it gets much better, cause there are socks and a baggy sweater for you. I had to blank out my arms and hands to wear this blanket, but I think that was to be expected.
If you’re nuts about shoes, maybe you’ll wet your pants at the idea of having high-healed shoes as Christmas tree ornaments. That’s one of the things you can get from Garbaggio in this hunt. There are some stylishly fun wearable shoes for female avatars as well.

Nutmeg is sure to please plenty of people with their carefully crafted rustic ornaments.
You can get inked with Letis. Tattoos have become so mainstream!
Finally I’m finishing off with this round winter rug by [QE].

Good luck with finding all these hunt prizes in The Snowbound Hunt. Remember, you only have until 12 December, so you better get going now!

PS: In all the images with the red head I’m using the Catwa Stanley head on the Belleza Jake body and Vango Zack hair. The blond guy is the Signature Gianni body & head with Dagon hair by Tableau Vivant. In both cases I used a skin by Stray Dog in their No. 4  skin tone (buttermilk).

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