Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 6

Greetings loyal followers and other Christmas freebies and bargains craving people. It’s the second advent Sunday and Christmas is rushing towards us like nobody’s business. Meanwhile I keep wandering the grid, visiting winter wonderland situations and grabbing goodies.

My first stop was Meva to pick up the 9 December gift from their advent calendar. You need to be a group member and the group joining fee is 100 L$. Each gift is available for one day only. Today the gift is layered, as you get a long shirt and a tank top which can be worn separately or together. The tank top comes with a colour hud and both items com in Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake size.
Next I opened up a few more doors of the Madpea Chrismas Calendar. You can purchase this calendar for 500 L$ and rez it at your home as a nice decoration piece or attach it as hud and open doors whenever you feel like it. I rather like that silly snowman hat. 

Also in the Madpea Christmas Calendar are a wearable lantern, cookies and milk to leave out for Santa (let’s hope he hasn’t gone gluten / lactose intolerant), a Certificate of Good Behaviour (you can fill in your own name… cheaters!), a beautifully shimmering little winter wonderland dome, and a little naive painting on planks of wood.

At this point the Firestorm just shut down on me without any warning and I’m going to take this as a sign that I need to wrap this blog post up and head outside into the real world. See you soon for more goodies.

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