Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 7

Ready for some Christmas gifts and/or bargains? OK, let’s go! 
In episode three I already mentioned Love To Decorate and how a bunch of Second Life creators have contributed a gift especially for members of the LTD group. My information was somewhat flawed. I thought all gifts were released simultaneously, but instead it’s one gift per day up to December 21s and you have until January 15th to pick up these gifts. I already received the winter bench and blanket basket from my sponsor Shutter Field, but let’s take a look at some of the other gifts that are out right now.

First up is a sweat little rocking chair with a throw from Goose. The scene I put together for it really makes me wish I had a fireplace in my real life apartment. I’ve tried building a camp fire, but the neighbours really don’t like it. Oh well.
From Junk Food we get a full set containing a table, logs, a wooden Christmas tree and a plate of cookies, which dispenses cookies. Nom nom nom. Zero calories… Zero taste.
People have been taking bits of nature indoors with them round this time of year for a very long time. This habit long predates Christmas, so naturally you need some of that in SL. There’s a Christmas tree of course, but then there are also some nice winter arrangements like the one from Bygone.

No Christmas is complete without a log, so thank you What Next for catering to this particular need. This virtual version makes me want to hoover up a real life chocolate log with my face.
And after such a rich snack, I’m going to need a nap. Enter the outdoor sleigh bed (or you can put it indoors of course) by Bee Design.
If you enjoy creating a winter wonderland, you’ll like the little cuddle area by TM Creation, featuring snow covered rocks, a tree stump, winter foliage, a bunny and a decorative pillow.

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