Belleza Jake 2.0 mesh body

Belleza just dropped the long-awaited updated of their male mesh body in our inventory and with this, the body finally is out of it’s so-called beta stage. I didn’t even get a chance to really start working on this blog post before I received yet another update. The reason for this is that Belleza have been working on the forearms, hands and feet of the body, which means it no longer works with some shoes and tops that were made for the previous version, therefor they have included a version with the old hands and one with the old feet. The original version is in the box as well, so basically you’re getting four bodies for the price of one. That’s one way to look at it.
So what has changed? Luckily Belleza included a note card to tell us what’s new, so we don’t have to take any wild stabs in the dark.

  • Apparently there was an issue with feet rotation which now has been solved. There are more alpha cuts on the feet, which should make it easier to wear shoes.
  • Hand and forearm anatomy have been tweaked too.
  • The neck sheath has been improved (you can find it in the “shape” tab), but it still doesn’t provide a perfect (invisible) neck seam in all situations. You’ll find that in some windlight the neck sheath actually makes things worse, but this a common issue with other mesh body and heads as well.
  • The hud includes more alpha cuts and you can now hide your left, rigth or both hands, your fingernails and toenails.
  • Hand poses have been included, so you no longer have the “jazz” hands whenever you switch off your bento AO when you go sit on furniture.
  • Some other changes are mentioned but they don’t mean much to me.

Belleza includes an applier for Catwa heads with this body. The name says it’s made for the Catwa Daniel head, but I’m using it on the Stanley head and it doesn’t look too shabby, if I say so myself. A couple of shapes and an eyebrow shape are includes as well, in case you are a looking for help in that area. Personally I always make my own shape and it probably is one of my favourite things in Second Life.

I didn’t have to think long about what underwear I was going to put on to maintain some modesty while still showing off most of the body. My sponsor Thirst has a nice pair of briefs that includes different versions and poses so you can make it look like you’re teasingly pulling them down. Perfect for those photogenic shutterbugs among you. Of course an everyday version is included as well, for just hanging around the house or for going to an underwear partie. Momentarily the briefs only come in Belleza size, but an update with a Gianni size is in the stars.


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