Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 8

My quest for Christmas goodies continues with a returning visit to the Snowbound hunt. If you want to see what I got from my previous efforts in this particular hunt, you should check out episode 5. Don’t dilly dally now though, cause this particular hunt ends on December 12th, with a party.

Further investigating of the store list for the Snowbound hunt showed me I was missing a kilt and hoodie from [QE] Designs I really wanted. Both come in lots of different sizes to work with most, if not all avatars. I also had my eye on a funny pair of fluffy ear warmers with golden bunny ears by Quirky.

MadPea, Second Life’s busiest games and events organiser, is back with their Magical Hunt for Enchanted Toys. Just like with other MadPea hunts, you look for items, in this case painfully cute toys, that give you points which you can redeem for some high quality prizes. This hunt is hud based and the basic hud costs L$ 100. If you want some more bells and whistles, you can go for the L$ 500 mega hud. You can also participate by buying some toys and hiding them on your sim. This hunt truly is by the people and for the people. It started on 10th and runs till 24th December. Visit the MadPea site for an extensive hunter’s guide to help you on your way and have fun finding those toys in places were you’d least expect them.

PS: I’m sporting the snazzy Santa’s Helper outfit by Noche, which currently is a gacha set at The Epiphany. I did make a little change to it, instead of the thong that’s part of the set, I’m using a Noche jockstrap.

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