Taking a look at the Vista Bento Head Gerard

With all that Christmas hunting I almost forgot that I bought a new head recently. It’s the Vista Bento Head named Gerard. At only 2000 L$ I think it’s a steal compared to the 5000 L$ you have to cough up for some other brands. However, this has been marketed as a launch price and I can’t predict whether it is going to go up anytime soon. I’ve tried looking in my crystal ball but the darn thing is on the fritz every since my aunt Zelda dropped it on her foot. She never saw it coming. Isn’t hat ironic? But I’m digressing. Let’s take a look at this mug with its original skin and one of the four shapes it comes with.

I’m also using the eyebrow shape that comes with this body and when I put it on, all of a sudden I had system “helmet” hair on my head. That’s the first time I ever experienced this with a mesh head, but it is easy to fix by right-clicking the eyebrows in the Appearance window under the “wearing” tab and then clicking edit. Once in the editing window you look under style and push the slider for volume all the way to 0.
The original skin for this head comes in 5 skin tones and matches the Clef De Peau body applier, which you will have to purchase for your particulat body at the Clef De Peau main store. The neck seam isn’t great. There is a neck blender for various bodies, but to be honest, in some windlights it will stand out like a sore thumb and make matters worse. I’m using the head in this case with the Belleza Jake body, possibly you can get better results with other bodies.
The head is quite pliable and I definitely will be playing with it some more in the near future, using different skins and/or bodies and of course I’ll be adjusting the shape to my hearts content.

Check out these Youtube videos about the Vista Gerard head on the Vista channel and fellow blogger Strawberry Singh’s channel:


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  1. >>Santa Fitch left some gifts for mesh bodies under his tree, each gift contains 1 outfit that will fit the body on the wrapping paper. You can send the gifts to your friends or keep them. Clothes fit: Adam, Altamura, Aesthetic, Belleza, Exmachina, Signature & Slink<<

    The tree is at Trader Fitch's store at Niaroo.Island. The clothes seem decent quality to me.


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