Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 9

Time to jump in the sleigh, jingle the bells and stuff my sock with delicious goodies. Follow along as I make a couple of stops at places where you too may find an interesting package. Innuendo-Ho-Ho-Ho!

First stop is Meva, to see what’s in drawer No. 13 of their advent calendar. A well crafted double necklace which comes in three textures. Each of the two necklaces can also be worn separately. You need to be a member of the Meva group (joining fee is L$ 100) and gifts are available on each day only. You snooze, you loose.
Next I visited another sim that participates in the Peace On Earth hunt. You can find the complete list of stores and hints on the Peace On Earth site. This hunt runs until December 31th, so there still is plenty of time to pick up some nice bits and bobs. Take for instance the delightfully colourful body art from Taox Tattoo.
If you don’t mind venturing onto a gay adult sim, you can head on over to Niaro Island and take a look under Trader Fitch’s Christmas tree. He’s got some goodies for different mesh bodies. Fitch says the quality seems decent to him and I concur.

Swank have their usual monthly event, but of course as it’s December, there’s a winter wonderland theme and you can find gifts dotted around on the sim. You don’t need to be in any group and all gifts are free. I grabbed a cute mason jar snow globe, a hanging lantern (also made from a mason jar. hipster alert!) and a fun t-shirt.
That’s it for this episode. Enjoy the hunting and grabbing and whatever you do, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.

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