Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 10

I went down on Santa’s sack again and wrestled free some pressies for all of us to enjoy. Some are totally free, for some you need to make a little donation. Hold on to your jingle bells, jump in my sleigh and follow along on my mad dash for goodies.

Meva is my favourite stop to start off with. The gift for 14th December is a simple dark red t-shirt with a rather plunging neckline. You need to be a member of the Meva group and the joining fee is 100 L$. Each gift is available for one calendar day.
The LTD Christmas is in full swing and 14 gifts are out now. Another gift will be released at a different store each day Check the Love to Decorate website for more information. You need to be a member of the LTD group and there is no joining fee. Today I collected the sweet gifts from The Fourth Wall and Eleventh Hour.

MadPea’s Magical Christmas hunt is one of the more fun hunts to join. The group chat always becomes more lively when there’s a MadPea hunt on and that’s where the more sociable aspect of SL gets a chance to chine. Rather than hunt for an object that contains a prize, in MadPea hunts you collect points which you can redeem for prizes. I’ve picked up one of the prizes, a little crate of very amusing looking “reinbeer”. To participate in this hunt yo need to purchase a hud for L$. The hunt will run till 24th December and you can find all information on the MadPea website.
MadPea also has an advent calendar you can purchase for L$ 500. I have already shown some items from this calendar in previous episodes and I’ve opened a few more doors now. The red-nosed antlers are adorkable and the gently glowing rustic stars garland is quietly delightful.

Time to jingle my bells outa here and watch an episode of Lucifer on Netflix before I hit the proverbial hay. I’ll leave you with a quote from the previous episode I watched.
Amenadiel: “You’re telling me there’s no music in hell?”
Lucifer: “Only for torture, and usually out of tune. Lately we’ve been playing music by this chap named Bieber. Oh, you should hear the screams.”

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