Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head

Earlier this month I took a look at the Vista Gerard mesh head and showed you what it looks like with it’s original skin combined with the Belleza Jake mesh body. Feel free to go take a look at that blog post first, I’ll wait for you here… Right, are you back? Meanwhile I have had time to play with the Gerard head some more and I have picked up a skin from one of my sponsors.

Birth was pretty quick to jump on the Vista band wagon and created the boyish yet manly Bennett skin for this head. Birth always does a good job with making lips look kissable and their body appliers are Fit as F*ck. I was using the neck sheet that’s included in the Gerard head to achieve a less visible neck seam, but it was a far from perfect solution. The visibility of your neck seam will be heavily dependant on windlight settings, but then again that is a problem with most mesh bodies and heads. I’ve learned to focus more on a handsome face, godlike abs and an ass that’s so beautiful it makes you want to cry. That’s what you get when cross a donkey and an onion, when the moon and the stars are aligned just right. In most cases you’ll just end up with an onion with long ears… Or a visible neck seam.

As I’m particularly partial to a bit of bristle, I also applied one of Birth’s beards. I am using the rigged eyes that come with this body, as they do the best job at filling the eye sockets without popping out, but I used an Omega eye applier from Avi Glam to get away from the standard eye colours. Individuality is in these small details. You will need to get the Omega System Installer from the Vista store to be able to apply omega skins and eyes. Some people will refer to this as an Omega relay.

Check out these Youtube videos about the Vista Gerard head on the Vista channel and fellow blogger Strawberry Singh’s channel:


  • Vista Gerard bento mesh head (L$ 2000 launch price)
  • Vista Omega System Installer (L$ 149)
  • Signature Gianni mesh body (L$ 3500)
  • Birth Bennett skin for Vista Gerard (L$ 1050) & Birth Signature body applier (L$ 550)
  • Birth Bristle beard applier (L$ 125)
  • Avi Glam eye applier, also includes a pair of mesh eyes. (L$ 99 for single colours, L$ 350 for fatpacks)
  • Vango Matt hair (L$ 320 for a “naturals” colour pack)
  • Shape: I made my own, as usual. There is a shape include with the Birth Bennett skin and four shapes with the Vista Gerard head.
  • Dufaux patch sweatpants

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