Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 11

I little elf visited me in my sleep and whispered in my ear that there still are plenty of Christmas goodies to be found in Second Life. I woke up ready to rumble in the snow so let’s go go go!

My first stop was The Gacha Life. There are plenty of gifts to be grabbed here if you have a female avatar, but there are also some sweet Christmas decoration items. You need to join the Gacha Life group, but there is no joining fee. I can’t be held responsible if you feel tempted by trying your luck with the gacha machines. My two favourite totally free gifts from this event are the mantle piece Christmas trees and the curious puppy that’s investigating Santa’s sack.
Next I headed over to Meva to grab the gift for 16 December from their advent calendar. Remember, you snooze you looze! You only have one day per gift to grab it. Obviously you need to be a group member and the joining fee is L$ 100. Today the gift was a set of rings for the Signature Gianni body.

I’ve opened two more doors of the MadPea Christmas Calendar. You can purchase this calendar for 500 L$ and it has some pretty nifty goodies in it. Take for instance the well crafted crate of fireworks. It’s not just for show, it actually can put on a nice fireworks display.
Another item from this calendar is a big Rudolph the reindeer hat, complete with slowly flashing red nose to guide your sleigh.
After unpacking all that, I had just enough time left to visit one of the stops on the Love To Decorate Christmas trail. Crate made a Christmas shelf by recycling an old racer sleigh. What an inspiring idea! I mean, I have no DIY skills and definitely no old racer sleigh in the attic, but I feel inspired to recycle something anyway. Perhaps my empty glögg bottles? You can pick up this very well made item at Crate, if  you’re wearing your LTD group tag (joining is free).

Right! Time to get outa here! *tosses away the candles, puts the shelf down on the snow and re-uses it as a sleigh* weeeeeeeee wow wow wow *crash*

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