Birth for Vista Gerard Mesh Head – Take 2

I’ve already taken a closer look at the Vista Gerard mesh head with it’s original skin on the Belleza jake body and I’ve created a tanned look with the Birth Bennett applier for this head on the Signature body. Today I’m returning to that last combination, but I’m using a lighter tone and I’ve played with the shape to create a sharper face and showcase the versatility of this head and skin.

One of the things I really appreciate about this head is that you can adjust the angle of your ears (in the AO section of the hud) so you can make them stick out. I’m rather partial to that look. It’s not like I ever had a thing for prince Charles, but maybe I’m part Ferengi? I sure do like a good acquisition. If I’ve just lost you at this point, it means you’ve never watched Star Trek Deep Space 9 or Voyager. Your loss! Anyway, back to Gerard. The Birth Bennett skin is fresh enough to create a twink look with it, especially if you forgo facial hair and make your chin more pointy and don’t shy away from full lips, as those too are a sign of youthfulness.
The brows that come with this skin are okay, but I wanted something different to I applied the browless skin and then applied Subtle Brows from Identity. They’re a bit of a pain to apply, because they don’t communicate very well with the head and try to apply themselves to all layers. As a result your hair base will be knocked off and you’ll have to re-apply that after putting the brows on. Ah the pains we put ourselves through to be pretty!

Check out these Youtube videos about the Vista Gerard head on the Vista channel and fellow blogger Strawberry Singh’s channel:


  • Vista Gerard bento mesh head (L$ 2000 launch price)
  • Vista Omega System Installer (L$ 149), you’ll need this to apply skins and eye textures
  • Signature Gianni mesh body (L$ 3500)
  • Birth Bennett skin for Vista Gerard (L$ 1050) & Birth Signature body applier (L$ 550)
  • Identity Subtle Brows (L$ 250)
  • Avi Glam eye applier, also includes a pair of mesh eyes. (L$ 99 for single colours, L$ 350 for fatpacks)
  • Modulus Lewis hair with baseball cap, currently at TMD till the end of December (L$ 320 for one of the colour packs)
  • Shape: I made my own, as usual. There is a shape include with the Birth Bennett skin and four shapes with the Vista Gerard head.
  • Noche Chris Swim Briefs (L$ 199 for the pink version, L$ 1399 for a fatpack with 19 colours), comes with Gianni and Belleza sizes and 4 bulge options
  • Location: Hades Love Island (Adult)

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