Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 13

It’s Episode lucky number 13 of my series about advent calendars, freebies and bargains in Second Life during the, allegedly, most beautiful time of the year. Put on some sturdy walking shoes and join me on a walk through a winter wonderland.

My first stop is Meva, this time with a t-shirt for the Signature Gianni body in one of those typical Nordic patterns. You’ll freeze your tits of wearing this in the frightful weather outside, but Swedes overheat their houses, so inside a t-shirt will be quite delightful.
I’ve made some progress with the MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt. As previously mentioned, you need to purchase a 100 L$ hud to participate in this hunt. You’ll be hunting for toys which will give you points. Once you have enough points, you can trade them in for prizes. A number of creators have contributed prizes you can obtain by finding three toys that will give you a key instead of points. I’ve been concentrating on this so I can show you some of these particular prizes, like the Candle Deer Decor by Chez moi and the Fae Christmas Decor by Serenity Style. I’m particularly chuffed with the ladder, lantern and crate with firewood by Varonis.
The hunt will run till 24th December and you can find all information on the MadPea website.

I’m off to find some more enchanted toys in this hunt. TTFN.

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