Naughty Santa

It’s no secret that I like my saucy Christmas outfits. Big warm coats, woolly hats, scarves and a pair of sturdy boats have their own charm of course. These garments tend to turn people into walking talking Christmas presents, which unwrap themselves as they enter your home. As we are impervious to frostbite in Second Life, we get to wear little somethings that most definitely can be classed as fashion fun over function. Then again, perhaps the function of those things is to heat things up in a different way.

Thirst currently has a Naughty Santa outfit at the Notice Me, Santapai event, and noticed you most probably will be in this little getup. It consists of a pair tight shorts, suspenders and a typical Santa hat and is available in red, mint, cinnamon and coal. The outfit is rigged for the Signature Gianni and Geralt as well as Belleza Jake mesh body. The Notice Me, Santapai event runs until the end of December. Of course nothing stops you from checking out the Thirst main store for lots of sexy undies either for yourself or as a gift for that special guy in your life… Or that one-night stand who really needed a decent pair of underpants.
(Santa sack not included in outfit)


  • Vista Gerard bento mesh head
  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Birth Bennett skin for Vista Gerard & Birth Signature body applier
  • The hair is no longer available

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