Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 14

Second Life most definitely hasn’t run out of Christmas goodies yet. I on the other hand, am running out of time to grab them. I’ve been scaling the snowy roofs and coming down chimneys to get my greedy mits on whatever I can, but there is this little thing called Real Life to take care of too. Let’s not nag too much about that and dive into my pile of plundered paraphernalia.

First I wanted to open a few more little doors on the MadPea Christmas Calendar. You can purchase this calendar for $L500 and of course you’ll find 24 items inside. That’s pretty good value for money. You get sweet items like the “Dashing trough the snow” globe, two very endearing small snowmen (well, a snow boy & girl, apparently) and a charmingly shabby dining set.

I discovered an advent calendar at Anna’s Attic. You don’t need to join a group and you can collect all the items of the past days. Just show up and keep on clicking, stuff all those goodies down your trouser legs and walk away whistling like nothing happened.

Argrace have recently given themselves a fresh start with a new store and there are still plenty of empty walls at the moment, but they have two Santa hats (with hair) as group gifts at the moment. One’s for all members and another one is for people that have previously bought items from Argrace.
The current round of the Man Cave event started a couple of days ago. If you join their free group you can rake in a truck load of beer cans and each can represents a gift. Seriously, I don’t even know for sure if I got them all, there’s that many. I’m only showing one for now, to kick things off, but I might do some more unpacking tomorrow. Those Gabriel trousers don’t look too shabby at all, so that’s a nice start. This round of Man Cave ends on January 9th, so relax, take it easy… And hurry da f*ck over there.

It’s bedtime here now. If you’re on SL time, you still have all of Friday evening ahead of you, so enjoy, relax and leave your worries behind. Pleasant thought of the day: oh, the days are getting longer again.

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