Taking David To Men Only Monthly December/January 2018/19

It’s Men Only Monthly time! The event started two days ago and will run its usual course till January 15th. We’ll be half a month into the new year by that time and chances are more than half the new year’s resolutions will already have flown out of the window. My good intention for here an now is to dedicate this MOM visit to the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. That guy is hot, but he’s often being accused of not having any clothes. Fair enough, he’s not getting a lot of support from the designers, goodness know why! But with a nip here and a tuck there, you can make things work, so lets look at some of the pieces I picked up at MOM this time.

I’m always happy to show a shirtless look with a pair of jeans. It’s easy enough to make any pair of trousers or jeans work, if your torso is covered as well, but you won’t be able to make each pair of jeans work if you’re topless. These jeans by Outlier fit quite well with minimal shape adjustment. I’m using the Niramyth size and I have added some muscle to my legs because I like a chunky thigh, but I think these jeans would easily allow for a skinny leg too. As I’m shirtless and appear to be on a Greek island, the NX-Nardcotix Mecatl sandals make perfect sense as footwear.

Are you heading for a colder climate and liking that smart casual city look? Try the Galvanized Wayne coat, it works a treat. I was able to wear this with the Outlier jeans by removing the belt and increasing my belly size. My neck and torso muscle had to be brought down too. I traded in my sandals for the Nx-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots.

This anorak by A&D is a nice option if you like spending time on winter sims. It’ll protect you against the type of icy winds that could shave the eyebrows of a mosquito. The Outlier jeans keep serving me well, meanwhile the NX-Nardcotix Gideon boots are keeping my feet warm. The handy thing about these boots is that there’s a “cut” version included which easily fits under the jeans without clipping problems.

You gotta have a pair of sweatpants for those lazy days. The VUK Zeke pants are just the thing, but you’ll have to flatten your bum to make these work, so this particular item is for those of you that already prefer a tiny hiney anyway. You will also need to play with your belly size, saddle bags and leg muscle to make these sweatpants fit.

The package includes a version without boxershorts, but these are even more problematic. To make that version fit without clipping, you’ll have a gap at the front and rude people can look right down your pants! On the other hand, these sweats are damn sexy as a posing prop.
Earlier this year I dedicated a post to sweatpants you can wear with David: Sweats & Pants Day with David.

Now let’s head to the beach in these jeans shorts by Invictus, with a shirt casually tied around my waist. These shorts did not require a lot of shape editing, which was a relief. I think the Aesthetic size is the most suitable version to use with David. While I was enjoying a relaxing beach walk at Hades Love Island, I got a marriage proposal, so I must be doing something right with this look.


  • NX-Nardcotix David mesh body (L$ 1750)
  • Catwa Stanley bento mesh head (L$ 5000)
  • Birth Benjamin for Catwa (L$ 1050) & Omega body applier (L$ 5509, works very well with the David body
  • Modulus Nial hair, browns (L$ 320)

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