Boxing Day Blues

It’s the day after Christmas, a.k.a. Boxing Day. The name seems to suggest that it’s already time to pack all the decorations up and stow them away for next year, but in reality plenty of Christmas trees will only be tossed out by the end of the first week of January. So forget about tidying up, and just hang around the house in your underpants and as it’s cold outside, you’d better make that a pair of long johns.

You can pick up this cold weather item by Thirst at the Dubai Event, which started on 20th December and will run till 15th January. In between the many items for female avatars, I counted 5 clothing items for male avatars other useful things such as poses, backdrops and tattoos.

Personally I wear long johns as soon as temperatures go under -5° C, not because I really need them, but because I like them. There is something comforting about skintight soft combed cotton clinging to your legs underneath your jeans or chinos.

After the Dubai Event you can visit the Thirst main store to check out these long johns and of course their full range of men’s underwear.

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