Quench your Thirst

If Thirst underwear makes you feel parched but you just can’t get enough of it, you should consider getting Jockd. It’s a monthly underwear club where you can pre-order two new Thirst undies at a discounted price. You have time to pre-order from the 12th of each month till the 4th of the next month. You’re brand new thirsty undies will be delivered to you on the 5th.

This is one of the two items you will have received on the 5th January if you pre-ordered. It’s a panelled bikini brief made for the Signature Gianni and Geralt as well as the Belleza Jake mesh body. Personally I would describe the bulge as very apt without being over the top in your face. The back covers just the right amount of buttock and the seams that make up the panels are a nice detail, as is the tiny Thirst label.

From 12th January onward you will be able to purchase this edition of Jockd for the full price of 600 L$. The pre-order price is 400 L$ and includes some exclusive textures, like the one shown in the above image. What also starts on January 12th are the pre-orders for the February edition. Each edition will contain two new creations. I’ll show the other item from the January edition at a later time. Now get out there and make a splash!


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