Exmachina Davide 5.02

I spied with my little eye something beginning with U… UPDATE! A message flashed up on my screen, letting me know that Exmachina had a new version available of their Davide “full” avatar. To celebrate this update, Exmachina is temporarily offering a 50% discount. When we say full avatar in SL, we mean that it comes complete with its own head, so at 1900 L$ (normal price is 3800) you can put together something pretty nice for a low price. Interestingly enough, one of the things Exmachina have updated with this new version is the compatibility with other mesh heads. The package now includes headless versions of the body to use with the Catwa or Lelutka mesh head. First let’s take another look at this avatar with its own noggin.

Yet again I found myself struggling to successfully apply both a hair base and a beard on this avatar. I have tried several beard appliers and when they were applied to any other layer than “Layer 1”, the beard kept disappearing when I moved the camera. The same happens if you try to apply a hair base to any other layer than layer 1. Applying both beard and hair base to layer 1 isn’t possible, as they knock each other out. It looks like if you absolutely want a stubble with the standard head on this avi, your options are to find a skin that includes facial hair or a hair base, or to use a hairstyle that doesn’t require a hair base.
Left: hair by Dura and beard applier by Birth. Right: hair and hair base by Stealthic. This avatar comes with mesh eyes, but they are not omega compatible as far as I can tell and I’m not a fan of the available textures, so you are looking at the Vermeer mesh eyes by No Shit Sherlock in this image.

Apparently some people were calling out for a bigger caboose and Exmachina responded by adding versions of the body with more junk in the trunk. Understand that whatever underwear you were able to find for this body (and it wasn’t much), will be useless with the big-butt version. I guess this version is going to be for when I let it all hang out.
So that’s what this avatar can look like just by playing with the shape (fyi: I really don’t like the shape that comes with this body) and choosing the right hair and maybe a designer stubble or something. Right! Now let’s play with another skin and a Catwa mesh head.

It turns out that the body still isn’t all that compatible with other mesh heads. I confess that I didn’t try it with the Lelutka mesh head and maybe that is a wonderful match, but as you will need to find a skin creator that makes Omega body appliers and a face applier that will work for the Lelutka head, your options will be quite limited. With a Catwa head you’ll have some more options, simply because so many skin creators are making appliers for the Catwa heads. I’m using the “Wood” skin from Birth in skin tone #3 and the matching body applier. The end result is far from perfect. The skin doesn’t match up very nicely with the body. Clavicle shadows are out of wack, nipples are slightly slipping, there’s a hint of toe shadows and to top it all off, the neck seam is one of the worst I have seen. Only in some bright windlights like CaIWL or Strawberry Singh’s headshots windlight the seam almost disappears from some angles. I have tried skins from Nivaro, 7 Deadly S(k)ins, Lure and Akool and the Birth skin was by far the least problematic option. It’ll give you gnarly looking nails when you apply it, but you can correct that by choosing one of the finger nail textures in the hud for the Exmachina body. Full disclosure: I do “officially” blog for Birth, but hey it’s not like I’m telling you just how wonderful this skin works with this body, right? If you really want to enjoy Birth skins, you should try them on the Belleza or Signature body.
The hair in this image is by Vango, mesh ears are by Mandala and the naughty shorts are by Legal Insanity.

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