Get Thirsty at Epiphany

Listen up all you gacha lovin’ eager beavers, another round of Epiphany is in full swing! It started on 15th January and will be on till February 12th, so you don’t have to run pixel-head of blurred heels towards the deadly sea of lag just yet, but you know how times works right? You think you’ve got lots of time and then you blink and it turns out you’re 3 months pregnant. If you want to try something that possibly is a bit less laggy, give the Epiphany mirror sim a go. If you don’t know what Epiphany is, well it’s a gacha event innit though? If you don’t know what gachas are, who are you and what are you doing in my house? O.K. if you are kinda new here (and found your way to this blog… how?), a gacha is a bit like a one-armed bandit or a fruit machine. You see all the lovely bits and bobs that are in it on a visual and you toss in some money and it randomly gives you one of the “prizes” in return. Of course if you want a particular prize, you can end up with doubles. The plus side of this is that you can give them away or even sell them. Marketplace is lousy with gachas really. Anywhooooo, I’m just going to take a look at what kind of little eye-openers my sponsor Thirst has put in their gacha set for this round of Epiphany.

Get ready to sweat in the ACTIV gear by Thirst. The Gacha set is loaded with hoodie tanks, compression leggings, gym shorts and trainers all fitted for the Signature Gianni & Geralt as well as Belleza mesh body. There’s also a very well made sports bag and accessories like protein drinks, wireless headphones and gym equipment. In short, you’ve got everything you need to pretend you lead an active life, while your sitting at a desk staring at a bright colourful computer screen.

The outfit is materials enabled, so you get lots of shine and shimmer when the light hits it right and personally I’m a big fan of all the creases and folds in the mesh.

So head over to Epiphany and check out the Thirst gacha set and of course the many other great gacha sets and if this makes you thirsty for more, you can always find the full range of current Thirst items at their main store.

Items shown using the Catwa Stanley head on the Belleza Jake body,
skin by Stray Dog and Vango Zack hair.

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