Mad Dash Shopping Trip with David

So I hear you say : “David, who the f*ck is David?” (to the tune of a well known song) It’s the rather fabulous male mesh body by NX-Nardcotix. I’ve made it a habit to go on shopping trips dedicated to this body, because it is not as widely supported as some of the other male mesh bodies on the grid and I have a wee soft spot for underdogs. Usually I focus on a particular event, but this time I’m all over the place.

Before I got dressed I wanted to show off David in a dark skin tone (No. 8) by Birth. For David you need to get Birth’s Omega applier and as with many other mesh body parts, you will also need an Omega relay for this body. You can pick one up at the NX-Nardcotix store. You add this relay, click on it to activate it and remove it again and Bob’s your uncle. You’re ready to apply Omega skins, tattoos, etc. This Birth skin lines up nicely with the body, except for the nails, but this can be solved by going back to one of the standard nail textures after applying the skin. I’m using the Catwa Stanley bento mesh head with this body and the skin I’ve applied to it, named Ryu, is also by Birth. The briefs are by NX-Nardcotix and come with a tank top. I’m using the Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, Mandala mesh ears and Modulus Locs Mohawk.

For the first outfit of this post I went to the Equal 10 event. The current round of this event runs until February 5th and after that date items should start appearing in the creators’ main stores. The fuzzy jacket from Gabriel works reasonably well with David in the Signature size, but it comes with a tank top which is useless for this body… Oh well, look at those abs though. The defaced jeans by Outlier are a rather easy fit, if you use the Niramyth size. It’s always nice if you can make full use of David’s booty and there’s no need to clench your cheeks in these jeans. You can find the sneakers I used with this outfit at Deadwool.

For my next outfit I jumped to the Man Cave event. The current round runs until February 11th. Fashionatic has a shirt and a pair of jeans at this event that work very well together. First I wanted to check whether the jeans can be worn by themselves. They can, but you need to toggle off the built-in boxer shorts, which is a setting you’ll find in the same hud that lets you change the belt. I had to play with my shape to squeeze David into these jeans. I put leg muscles at 54, hip width 35, butt size 55, saddle bags 28 and belly size 20. Go for the Gianni size of the jeans and don’t expect a perfect fit, do however marvel at the great texturing and detail. The shirt creates the illusion of having your hands in your pockets, so you need to blank out your arms and hands. It has the option to toggle a t-shirt on and off. If you wear it with the t-shirt and pop on some stylish footwear like the NX-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots, you’ll easily take this from beach or countryside to a more urban setting.

I stayed at Man Cave for a bit longer, looking at things, fingering fabrics, taking items out of the racks to hold them against my face to see if something was “my colour” but there were too many things raising red flags and I didn’t feel much for going through the trial and error process too many times. Instead I headed for Lapointe & Bastchild, as I have had a good experience with their items before. They don’t make anything for David specifically, but look at how snazzy he looks in their blazer, slacks and oxford shoes! The body fits happily in the Gianni size and there aren’t any clipping issues on the cuff or neckline whatsoever. I didn’t even have to do any shape altering. And on that note, I’m outa here! Time to go paint the town 50 shades of a hard to describe colour… in my dreams.

PS: The poses for images 1 to 3 are all from Cordeaux, though obviously the ones where my hands are in my pockets will look different if I use them with a look that actually shows arms and hands. I can’t remember where I got the walking pose in the last image. I forgot to take notes.

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