Exmachina Davide 5.03

Now we are down to version 5.03 of the Exmachina Davide “full avatar”. In case you were wondering if this brand is one of my sponsors, I can tell you it is not. I just like an underdog and a challenge and this full mesh avatar is a bit of both.

Personally I keep struggling when I try to apply both a hair base and a beard to the head of Exmachina Davide. It is possible that I’m doing something wrong, but while other heads sometimes can be a little bit stubborn, this one is being a downright bitch about it. Also personally (and yes, SL is all about personal choices) I don’t like this avatar’s own head without some facial hair on it. By happy coincidence I like it best with longer hair, which eliminates the need for a hair base. In the end I’m reasonably happy with this fair skinned ginger look. The choice of underwear and swimwear is still very limited for the Exmachina Davide avatar. Legal Insanity have rigged some items for this body, but their Alan briefs leave an awkward gap when viewed from the side and if you would like something with a more modest bulge, these briefs clearly are not the way to go. The azure blue looks fab on a fair-skinned red head though. Of course you can’t use the version with the extra big booty if you’re going to wear these briefs. That’s the version you’re seeing on the right of this “triptych”. I call this the ultimate naked option. Just use this one when you’re in your birthday costume and the normal version when you’re (partly) dressed.

I also took another look at the combination of the headless version of the Exmachina Davide avatar with the Catwa Stanley bento mesh head. I didn’t expect the neck seam to be much better than when I tried this combination with the 5.02 version of the body… And it isn’t. In some windlights it’s okay, in others it’s jagged and messy. C’est la vie. (No no! C’est la 2ème vie! Mwoahahaha!) Still, slap on the Birth omega applier and it doesn’t look too shabby. From all the skins I’ve tried on this body, this one is the best aligned. Not perfect mind you, just the least imperfect. The nails are gnarly, but if you apply one of the standard nail textures that come with the body, after you have applied the Birth skin, that particular problem is solved. You can tint the nails to better match your skin tone if you want.

That wraps this post up. I hope Exmachina Davide will be picked up by some of the good skin and fashion creators and that the developers of the body keep improving it.


  • Exmachina Davide full avatar
  • Dura hair for both looks
  • Birth Bristle beard applier on the original Exmachina head
  • Birth skin: Omega applier on the body and “Wood” Catwa applier
  • Catwa Stanley bento mesh head
  • Mandala mesh ears were used for the look with the Catwa head
  • Avi Glam omega eye applier was used on the Catwa eyes
  • Legal Insanity Alan briefs – Azure
  • Boycott harry briefs
  • Poses used for showing the redhead from Cordeaux

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