Menstuff Hunt February 2019

O.M.G.! I haven’t been on a hunt since Christmas time. That’s like ages ago… Well not much longer than a month ago, but time’s a foggy thing for me. Anyway, this doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s the Menstuff Hunt, I identify as male and like stuff, so it seems like a good fit. Without any further yadda yadda yadda let’s look at some of the highlights.

Rather than go through the list in numerical order, I’ll work my way through the stuff in the order that I find it in my inventory.
First up is a pair of PJ bottoms and a tank top (tied in the back) from Travesty Menswear. The bottom and top come in an interesting mix of sizes. For example, you’ll find the PJ bottoms in the TMP size, but not the tank top. Meanwhile said tank top comes in more obscure sizes like Exmachina and Altamura. You’re all good if you use the Signature or Belleza body though.
Next there is a hooded jacket, a very bog standard pair of jeans and even more standard looking beanie from 7th Avenue Threads. The jacket comes in standard sizes and fitmesh, the jeans only in standard sizes. They’re running behind on the times.
Now we’re taking a look at a pair of subtle slanted eyebrows from Birth. Keep in mind that your own eyebrow shape will have an impact on how these will look on your face. Sometimes I see people in real life whom I really want to shout at: stop plucking your eyebrows, you look shocked all the time! Ironically I wouldn’t be able to tell whether that would shock them or not. It’s funny cause it’s true. These brows come as Signature and Omega applicators. I’ve used it on the Catwa Stanley head in this shot. He shaved off his luscious locks just so you guys would get a real good look at the brows. That’s dedication for ya! The skin I’m using is also by Birth.

7 Deadly S[k]ins is in this hunt too, with an Omega body and head applier named “Jeroen”. It’s been a little while since I last dabbled with the Signature Geralt body and head so I thought it would be a good candidate for it. I like the boyish look without looking too much like a teenager. The leaning against a wall pose I’ve used here is also from the hunt and can be found at Pics-n-Poses.

At the Menstuff Group HQ you’ll find an adorkable tank top and a more neutral version. I was too lazy to switch from Signature Geralt to Gianni and was surprised to find the Signature size actually works with Geralt. Plenty of other sizes are included. Meanwhile I did slap on one of Geralt’s default beard options to spice up that 7DS look.
If you like accessories, you possible will be well chuffed with the metal chain bracelet by LOo LOo & Platipus. Gold and copper were too shiny for my liking, but dark metal or silver were ok.
Perhaps leather bracelets are more your thing. In that case you should check out Inner Demons. That’s the name of a store. I’m not inviting you to release your own inner demons. Please don’t commit any crimes in my name!

In my never all that humble opinion, Rebellion have one of the best items in this hunt with their sturdy pair of yellow walking boots. You can go look for a pair of jeans or trousers that can be tucked inside the boots, but I took the easy way out and put on a pair of shorts. I’m ready for a nice springtime hike now… February + Stockholm = Fat chance!
For the next item we head over to Kingbal. The nicest detail about this simple t-shirt and shorts outfit is the belt. The th-shirt could have done with better detailing. You win some, you loose some.
Aha! Finally I’ve been able to put two hunt items together to make an outfit. The shirt is by Orchid and the camouflage pants are from Tamiron Forge and I seam to have lost the willpower to keep mentioning the available sizes.

I like the cut and details on the shirt, trousers and shoes from Ishara, but I’m not too keen on the scorpion print on the back and shoulder. The pose by Reina Photography is also a hunt item.
Fe Style has the gamers among you covered with a t-shirt and it kinda goes well (almost) with the trousers from the previous outfit.
And finishing things with a decor item from PBM and seeing that I have been sitting here so long that I’ve grown a beard, this shaving set is a very appropriate ending to this long Menstuff Hunt.

Enjoy the Menstuff Hunt! The full list counts 66 stops, so you can really kill some time with this, or at times seriously diminish your will to live if you have a love hate relationship with hunts. You have until the end of February to finish. Some items are 1 L$ and others are totally free.

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