Quench your Thirst 5

Just a little reminder that time to pre-order the March edition of the Jockd underwear set at Thirst is running out soon. Don’t miss out on the 200 L$ discount and the exclusive textures! At this point the content is still a mystery to me, but I can look back at some previous editions, which are available at 600 L$ for a set of two with various textures.

The Basix Jock from the December edition of Jockd is one of those typical must have items and it comes with the Basix Trunk. The Peekabooty Briefs from January’s Jockd are perfect for driving that special someone in your life wild with desire… or just that one night stand, we won’t judge you… slut. Those briefs came together with the Panelled Bikini Briefs, perfect for hanging out at the tropical SL beach of your choice or perhaps just napping on a floaty in your rooftop pool.

You can head over to the new Thirst store now and grab these items and while you’re there, pre-order the March edition of Jockd. You have until 4th March to do that. The spanking new skintight items will be delivered to you on 5th March giving you access to the exclusive textures as well as the bragging rights of having it a week before the non pre-orderers. On the 12th of March pre-ordering starts for the April edition and the plebs can start buying the March edition, cause that’s how that cooky crumbles. #bootytooch #buttslap

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Stanley head , 
Erwin skin by Stray Dog and Vango Zack hair. The mesh ears are by Mandala

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