Dabbling With Geralt – Episode XI

Time flies when you’re having fun or when you’re busy throwing clocks at people. It’s been more than a month ago already since I last seriously played with the look of the Signature Geralt mesh body and head. It was high time for a more serious dabble.

I think Geralt is a good option for anyone who wants a slimmer body, so this time I made a conscious effort to tone him down, though he still looks pretty fit as f*ck. Akool has an Omega mesh head applier named Chris that comes complete with Signature, Belleza and Omega body appliers. My first guess was to try the Signature body applier, but it didn’t stick, so I used the Omega applier instead. Nothing looks particularly out of place, but the nipples were a little bit funky, so I covered them up with the unrigged version of the Noche nipples. It took some tweaking, but he enjoyed it really.
The Geralt mesh head has built-in eyes but I’n not a fan, instead I’m using mesh eyes from Avi Glam. I further jazzed up the head with add-on mesh ears by Andore, available at the Men Only Monthly event till 15th March and most probably at Andore‘s main store afterwards. The scruffy beard is one of the standard options that come with the head. I continued the mild “bad boy” vibe with the tousled “Nial” hair by Modulus.

Finding fancy underwear is always an issues with the newer bodies. Luckily some brands started to pick up Geralt. Thirst is a good example of that. I realise that my previous blog post was already dedicated to them, but I didn’t mention Geralt in that. Their G-String Jock, Peekabooty Briefs, Long Johns and Boyfriend Boxer all fit Geralt, and there are more items in their range which include a Geralt size. All items come with some very flashy texture options, but as you can tell from the items I’m modelling here, you can also keep it stylishly muted.

If you head over to the current round of the Equal10 event, which runs until 5th March you can pick up a cropped t-shirt by Thirst and a pair of studded jeans by Legal Insanity. After browsing my inventory for a bit in search of a pair of fitting shoes, I eventually settled on the Native Urban “Pryda” sneakers.
Missed Equal 10? Check out the Legal Insanity and Thirst main stores.

Have fun dabbling with Geralt!

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