What’s Eating TMP 12

Well isn’t that just flipping-the-bird typical! As soon as I decided to get myself a pair of lovely-dovely bento hands from Vista to go with the very much non-bento TMP body, the folks at TMP all of a sudden woke up and released a little update and finally added… wait for it… bento hands to their body. I guess that warrants another styling exercise from my side, but only because the update is free for anyone who already owns the Deluxe body. At the previous price of 500 L$, the TMP Deluxe Body was an interesting proposition for anyone who had been reluctant to go from prim to mesh and for newbies that wanted to ease their way into the virtual world and look good without spending too much. Now the price has gone up to 1950 L$. Easy there TMP! Don’t get ahead of yourself!

This time around I wanted to revisit the combination of the TMP body with the Akeruka ‘Leon’ bento mesh head. I’ve used a skin by Egozy, as they are one of the few skin creators that still include a TMP body applier that comes with their head appliers and they also have a rather nice option for the Akeruka Leon head with their Marcus skin. I went for a darker “coffee” skin tone this time, as I like to mix up the ethnicity with my looks. The nipples looked a bit too fuzzy for my liking, so I brought them into focus with the Noche nipples. The flashy yellow swimming trunks, or perhaps you’re more likely to call those speedos, are also from Noche. Make sure you get the right ones! Noche has a newer pair of swimming briefs with stripes on the side and those (alas!) don’t include a TMP size. You’ll find my hair style at Stealthic and the mesh ears by Andore are available at the Men Only Monthly event till 15th March and most probably at Andore‘s main store afterwards. The Leon mesh head has its own mesh eyes and they’re not bad, but limited to just a few textures. I’m using mesh eyes from Avi Glam instead for a wider range of choices.

I did a quick check at Men On Monthly to see who still includes a TMP size with their newest creations and it soon became clear that many, if not most, have dropped it like its… eehm… not so hot. Of course you can demo the hell out of everything to see if any of the other sizes will work on the TMP body, but I wanted to keep things easy.

The Aitui ‘Quinn’ Jacket at MOM this mont includes a TMP size, so that meets the keepin’ it easy requirement. I couldn’t find a pair of jeans or any other kind of trousers at MOM that would work for TMP, so I grabbed the Cold Ash ‘Holloway’ ripped jeans from my inventory, cause those aren’t that old and I do like that worn look. The sneakers I’m wearing with this outfit are from a gacha set over at Semller.

Another creator who hasn’t completely given up on TMP is Etham. This simple sweater is good basic piece to have in your wardrobe, for those moments you just want things to be “normal” in SL. You’ll find it at the current round of MOM till 15th March.

Just to be clear, TMP’s mesh heads still are static, a.k.a. non-bento. It’s only the body that has had an update. And I do mean, only the body. Actually, it’s more like only the hands. The alpha hud is still as user unfriendly as ever before and the while the idea of their styling hud is a good one (it holds all texture you buy and install) it is slow and if you want support, I hope you aren’t in much of a hurry. Tattoos are problematic, as they tend to stay blurry till you right-click your body to force a texture refresh. In spite of all those issues, I still have a soft sport for this body.

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