Another Fairy Day – Episode 3

Once or twice before I have wondered whether feathered wings and fairies are a plausible combination, but isn’t the only true limit in Second Life our own imagination and then of course there’s Disney’s Maleficent. So yes, here I am again with pointed ears and white angelic wings.

I’m using the Catwa Stanley mesh head, which is quite chiselled. One of these days I will try one of their rounder, softer looking heads for another fairy, but for now this doesn’t look to shabby.
The young radiant skin is ‘Ryu’ by Birth and you will also find the guyliner there in several versions for a mysterious smokey eye or something a bit fiercer.
For hair I went with something nonchalantly tousled by Vango.
The trusty multi purpose Season 5 Steking ears by Mandala are shown in their full elven glory. With a click of a button you can turn these into pixy and even human ears. They’re a bitch to match up with your skin tone, but hey, you win some, you loose some and you learn to make like Elsa and let it go, let it goooo!
Now I’m going to ask you to look into my eyes, not around my eyes, in my eyes. They’re the standard rigged Catwa eyes that come with the head, but with an applier from Avi-Glam.

My outfit is the Gorean set from Thirst, which I got from an event a while ago, but I wasn’t able to locate at their store at the moment. I’ve been told that there is an issue with the rigging (I’m not really seeing it, looks pretty good to me) and hopefully the creator will have time to fix it and add this set to the permanent collection at their store soon.
Last but not least, my lovely dovely dreamy wings are from Blueberry. You can go completely overboard with these and splash out on a fatpack. So far I’ve been able to hold off, but I rather like the idea of having them in different colours.

I’ve spend a bit of time at Lost Unicorn, enjoying their fantasy themed stream and exploring the nooks and crannies of this magical sim, but now it’s time to spread my and am fly out of here to make a soft landing on my couch to watch something fantasy related like HBO’s The Magicians. I only just started on that the other day and two episodes in, I really am IN.

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